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CJ 450 Week 5 Quiz

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CJ 450 Week 5 Quiz -

Question 1

What is the success rate for terrorists achieving their goals?


  • Above average for long-term goals


  • Above average for short-term goals


  • Never over the long term


  • Never over the short term



Question 2

Which of the following is a characteristic of decentralized networks?


  • Clear chains of command


  • Diverse, interconnected nodes


  • Executive leadership


  • Small, interdependent cells



Question 3

Which of the following is the key explanatory variable for how a terrorist organization selects its targets?


  • Funding


  • Ideology


  • Membership


  • Opportunity



Question 4

Which of the following is the most preferred method of attack in modern terrorism?


  • Assassinations


  • Bombings


  • Mass Disruption


  • Suicide Attacks



Question 5

Which of the following is an advantage of suicide attacks over other methods?


  • They are often inexpensive


  • They do not attract as much media attention


  • They do not require adaptation


  • They have a perfect success rate



Question 6

International law is generally understood to define the legal use of military reprisal when:



  • Retaliatory action does not harm innocent people.


  • Retaliatory action results in proportionally fewer damages to those caused by the offending act.


  • When the reprisal occurs within a time period following the offending act, which is usually 72 days.



Question 7

Which form of soft power does a government use when it reaches out directly to the population of a foreign country?


  • Deterrence


  • Public diplomacy


  • Sanctions


  • Talking to terrorist groups



Question 8

Which form of power has historically outperformed military preemption as an effective counterterrorism strategy?


  • Commando raids


  • Conciliation and peace


  • Military retaliation


  • Talking to terrorist groups



Question 9

Which tenet of the Bush Doctrine did President Obama retain – although in a modified form – in his own national security strategy?


  • American exceptionalism


  • Global advancement of American ideals


  • Interdependent security


  • Unilateral use of force



Question 10

In what situation are hostage rescue missions most likely to achieve their objectives?


  • Hostile political contexts


  • Low-risk operations


  • Non-permissive environments


  • Permissive environments

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